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East of Ealing

East of Ealing

At the age of 10 or 11 I took my first ever trip to a town without any ‘grownups’. I was however, accompanied by a friend which was very nice indeed.
On this trip I took money I had been saving up for oh, I don’t know, at least a year. And these savings had that very day been topped up a bit by some birthday money.

I had with me £60. Phew! I was loaded! I was rich man. I was cheezing from ear to ear. This was the largest amount of money I had ever held let alone owned.

We hopped on the bus going to and fro. It was rather fun to be on the go.
Coming up was our stop so we hopped back off, in search of some shops and something to scoff

We went a wandering around the shops as I was planning on buying a computer game for my wonderful fabby superfantastic MegaDrive.
Upon passing through the doorway 2 heavyset gentleman behind the counter turned to face us. Their arms folded, a scowl upon their faces.
‘Grrrr’ one may or may not have said.
One had a blue cap. No no wait, a red…. mmm nah, it was deffinately blue anywho!

With a tat on a the hand of a one man band. What does it all mean?
A game to be played upon this day. Who’s name is to remain unseen? eh?

WIth the russle of some dosh and then on for some nosh
We pass the portal that was rather clean.

To foster takeaway, the real treat for the day
Which is when I sit and start to say

‘A little fish on a dish,
that is my one wish, and don’t forget tomato sauce.
WIth some chips on the side
Where’s the vinegar, do not hide
How much is this going to cost?’


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