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The Second 5th of August

Hello everyone.

After creating my song and video titled ‘5th August’ in 2012, I decided to do another 5th August today, mostly inspired by my lovely lady.

In the 2012 version on this day it was raining such a beautiful, peaceful and calming rain and I was thrilled to capture it on video and audio. I thought the pattern of the rainfall suited the music so well. That was another inspiration from my lovely lady. I had just finished recording my guitar and she had heard me play it over the rainfall and so suggested that I try to record the sound of the rain too.

Soooo…. I took my microphone to the bathroom and hung out the window to record it (so as to not get the microphone wet) and blended it into the tune.

Capturing the video in that way was a first for me and I am doubly pleased that I chose to do it and that it turned out so well.

This new video is quite different. For one thing it wasn’t raining and instead was a lovely calm and warm day

I hope you enjoy this version one year later, it is a bit different so please let me know your thoughts.

The 2012 version can be viewed below


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