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The Third 5th August

After creating my song and video titled ‘The Second 5th August‘ last year, I decided that I would like to keep this short tradition going. A tradition of recording a new tune on that day then recording a video to go with it.

So yesterday after work I sat down with my guitar and started playing some random chords and melodies. I recorded a few different short songs however I felt that they weren’t quite what I was after and the time was ticking, it was about 8pm by this time and still no song or video. Earlier in the day I felt a little self pressured into recording this which isn’t how I wanted this to be, and that pressure was released in the earlier versions. It was supposed to be spontaneous and I noted the difference in the previous two versions was that I was off work, my mind was clear and I had time to create. Still, no worries 😉

I took a cuppa break and tried to relax a bit and when I came back to the guitar I created the tune that is in the video. I had a few different ideas for some videos that I wanted to try out but they would be a little time consuming, doable in a day but not starting it at about 10:30pm.

The idea that I settled on was to record a candle burning away in a lovely piece of art that my sweet love Aga had created. Some string, plants and flowers wrapped around a glass jar to give off a simply beautiful glowing effect when the lights are turned off 🙂


All in all I am happy for the third installment however from now on I would like to dedicate a full day to creating more in the 5th August series 🙂


Oh the joy in simple things 🙂

What ‘simple’ things in life bring you joy?

Thank you for watching


The previous versions




A collection of imperfections that were captured during wonderful times.

The tune, the time lapse, the videos.. all practise and great fun to do.

Sitting on my drum stool on a hill, with my flask of tea and a book as I try time lapse outside for the first time.

Taking a picture of a clock every second so I can watch the time spinning fast later, something I have always wanted to try.

Pointing the camera at the fire whilst trying the time lapse remote for the first time after taking it out of the box.

Trying sky lanterns with my lovely lady Aga and some friends

Lighting up the Darkness

Hello everyone. Here are a small collection of photographs that I took a few days ago during a wonderful walk with my lovely lady.

I created a small video of these too accompanied by some peaceful acoustic guitar. You can find the video at the bottom of the page.

Peace and Love,

Scott 🙂

Torchlight Procession Edinburgh

Good evening everyone.

I am just back from visiting Edinburgh’s Torchlight Procession marking the end of 2013 and would like to share some of what I seen.

A Winter’s Walk

A small collection of photographs from a walk over a few days during the winter.

Winter is coming

Hello everyone,

During a recent trip to the Botanic gardens with my lovely lady, I decided to take a few pictures of the surrounding beauty and transitional period into winter just before the lovely snow hits us 🙂

Click for slideshow.

Video with some music underneath 🙂

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Relaxing at Home

A short video captured by Matthew Griffin. Please check out his work at