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Time with Time Lapse

Hello lovely people!

Another busy month gone by with a sense of achievement and a few calamities. I have been happily working on building a little shed by stripping down old pallets to make my own panels. I bought a 1 litre tin of yacht varnish the other day and started applying it to the mixture of lightly sanded yet rough looking brown and blue boards, quite a lengthy process as the boards are far from very smooth. By the time I had used just under a quarter of the tin I had covered both sides of 1 panel and a little bit of the next so decided to take a short break for a cuppa. Feeling only a little refreshed I went back outside to finish the job. I had just picked up the tin and started varnishing more wood when the tin slipped from my hand landing on its side glooping my lovely pricy (for a cheapskate) varnish all over the place. I managed to save about a quarter of the varnish, sheesh! With a pool of varnish around me I was thinking damn what a mess, what a waste! Sooooo I just started dipping my brush into the pool, mixed with little bits of dirt and sawdust, and considering I was varnishing the inside of the shed (which is a tiny storage one) I don’t care that much, waste not want not and I surely wanted that varnish.

So that was a little set back but no worries, the show must go on 🙂


Something which I have got round to finishing this month is my time lapse from our time away up north (of Scotland).

The skies and cloud movement of that time were beautiful and stunning to me and I knew after seeing it that I wanted to ‘really try out time lapse on a larger scale than I had done before. With being surrounded by beauty, peace, and a sense of ‘having’ time to set up the camera and let it click away whilst I go for a wander for an hour or sit down and read was a joy. Driving along beautiful roads and parking up to have a flask of tea and let the camera click away whilst admiring the view.


When we came back home from that trip I picked up my guitar as I was inspired to create music to a collection of photographs that were soon to become this time lapse video and that was when I created the song for my magic dust video.

A song I love but not quite what I had in mind for this time lapse. Picking up my keyboard for the first time in a very long time and trying out new software for the first time I came up with the tune for the video. Quite unexpected but a more suitable melody which brought with it for me great joy by having fun creating music.

Any way enough of the talk, here is the video.

Please share your thoughts 🙂







A collection of imperfections that were captured during wonderful times.

The tune, the time lapse, the videos.. all practise and great fun to do.

Sitting on my drum stool on a hill, with my flask of tea and a book as I try time lapse outside for the first time.

Taking a picture of a clock every second so I can watch the time spinning fast later, something I have always wanted to try.

Pointing the camera at the fire whilst trying the time lapse remote for the first time after taking it out of the box.

Trying sky lanterns with my lovely lady Aga and some friends