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A break with a break

Hello all you beautiful people.

As you may or may not have noticed I have not added anything in quite some time. There have been quite a few changes for me over the past 3 quarters of a year, one of the biggest is changing my day job which has allowed me a bit more free time to concentrate on my passions in life, mainly music followed by photography in the hope that I could switch to make a living in these areas rather than just in a ‘day job’. I am not there yet however but it has been lovely to even have that little extra time in the days and weeks to spend more time doing that which I love rather than that which is neccesary to pay the bills.
Most recently I have just spent a beautiful 4 days in the North West area of Scotland with my lovely wife Aga, a place with which I feel a wonderous connection to nature and life and a place that I hope to finally settle in with a small dwelling (with room for recording and playing music), and home grown food, and a place for Aga to spend her time on her creative projects.


Although it has never been my intention to create and play music for monetary gain, it would be nice to support oneself doing something from the heart. I battle (probably not the most appropriate word) with myself with the desire to live from music but coupled with my perspective of wanting music to be freely available. The idea of people living in harmony with each other, one’s surroundings, with nature and with a common goal of working peacefully and lovingly for our species throws the idea of ‘money’ away every time. A willingness and desire to want to live like this rather than being forced through a collectivist ideology. For years now I have been thinking about the idea of where we as a species evolve to a state where ‘money’ doesn’t exist, where people who love to bake, bake for themselves and each other, people who want to contribute to society do so because it is what they believe but without the constraints of having to work 5 days a week. I prefer the idea of working 1 or 2 days a week and spending the rest of the time pontificating, doing what you enjoy etc etc. The term communism springs vaguely to mind but as I am not well versed at the moment I don’t really feel comfortable using this word. I don’t like the idea of government control, or any kind of control really. A man once said something which I completely agree with. ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t impose your will on another’.


People sometimes use the phrase ‘time is money’. I couldn’t disagree more with this sentiment. For me ‘time is life’ and ‘life is an evolutionary process’.


I love to debate people in a a respectful and adult way as I believe that through debate comes understanding. I also believe that my beliefs are subject to change at any moment due to many times I have been proven wrong over my knowledge of subjects and times when I have epiphanies. I love that ‘eureka’ moment, when you feel something ‘click’ into place. However I do know that I prefer love over hate and  peace over war and these are fundamentals that I believe won’t change.


Anyway I digress, I am not used to opening myself up very much with regards to blogging my ideas and opinions, truly sharing what it is that I believe. After reading blogging ‘tips’ a while back and with their suggestion of blogging regularly and style etc, I have never truly felt the need to update everyone to my existence every week which doesn’t help the idea of ‘living from music’. I am not a good self promoter. I generally prefer a peaceful life. I don’t play and create music for fame but rather for the beautiful feeling it leaves in me, and although I do not perform very often these days (something with which I hope to get back into soon) I do love the feeling of being up on stage and performing, it is hard to describe. Having people listen to what it is that you want to say, play and sing, just to listen and appreciate which I suppose is what everyone truly feels, that they want to just be heard and appreciated. Acceptance I suppose.


As with most if not all my posts on this blog, I just type what comes out with how I feel at this moment and because my thoughts bounce around all the time from one thing to another this may not be your ‘typical’ type of blog, if even there is one, so I shall leave you with some of the things that brought me great joy and happiness with my recent trip up north, and that was sitting inside our little ‘cottage’ gazing at the sunlight coming from a window and just seeing beautiful dust flowing around. I was able to capture a short video of it on my camera and when I came home I was inspired to create the little tune that plays over. I have also included a few photographs taken from that lovely area which you can see underneath the video.


I wish you a wonderful, peaceful and loving day and hope you enjoy this short video.

Peace and love,

Scott 🙂