Listen, love and share the sound



Right then, lets get this blogging started 🙂

Firstly, hello everyone and thank you for sharing your time.

Throughout my continuing evolution I have come to discover many things, one of which is that I do not actually know that much, very little in fact. I have my hopes and dreams, my aspirations and ideology, my beliefs! One thing for which I am certain is that I love to create music, any music, whatever floats my boat at that particular time.

There are many things that I love about living, about loving, about existing, and there are some which I feel could be improved, not only for myself but for those around me.

My passion for playing music began many years ago but for me a truer sense of  creating music comes from my interpretation of my reality, my existence. I used to play a lot of cover songs but then discovered that I prefer to express my thoughts, expressing myself through music instead.

People may or may not agree with any given thought that I have but I believe they should be talked about. I believe all of us should talk about how we feel, what it is that makes us truly happy, how we would like to shape our experience of this game of life. I believe expressing ideas is an important role of our evolutionary process.

I believe in the power of beliefs. It is this power that built the pyramids, this power that worships, that gets and keeps people motivated. Whatever our beliefs, we believe in them and make them a part of our reality.

What do you truly believe?

What do you want out of your reality?

Thank you once again for sharing your time and I hope you come back to listen to my music and to engage in discussions.

Peace and Love

Scott 🙂